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          2010 高考英语试题单选解析汇总精校版

          11. The old temple _______ roof was damaged in storm is now under repair. A. where B. which C. its D. whose

          ¡¾解析¡¿D¡£考查定语从句¡£所填词引导定语从句£¬先行词是 the old temple£¬关系?#35797;?#20174; 句中做 roof 的定语£¬用关系代词 whose£¬选 D¡£其余选项与题意不符¡£

          12. The cost of renting a house in central Xi¡¯an is higher than ____ in any other area of the city. A. that B. this C. it D. one

          ¡¾解析¡¿A¡£考查代词¡£所填词用于比较状语从句?#26657;?#25351;代句子的主语 cost£¬即指代不可数 名词£¬用 that¡£This 指代下文即将提到的事物£»it 指代¡°同一物¡± £»one 指代¡°同类中的 一个¡±之意¡£

          13. ¨C What¡¯s the noise ? It sounds as if it comes from upstairs. -- ______. It must be the window-cleaner working, next door. A. I¡¯m not sure B. I hope not C.I¡¯d rather not D. I don¡¯t think so

          ¡¾解析¡¿D¡£考查交际用语¡£A 项意思是£º我不确信£»B 项意思是£º我希望不会£»C 项意思是£º 我宁愿不£»D 项意思是£º我认为不是¡£根据应答句的后一分句意思可知所填部分表示对前一 人的观点的否定£¬故选 D¡£

          14. You look well. The air and the sea foods in Sanya must _____ you, I suppose. A. agree with B. agree to C. agree on D. agree about

          ¡¾解析¡¿A¡£考查动词短语辨析¡£agree with£º同意£¬赞成£»与¡­¡­相适应£»agree to£º同 意£¬赞成£¨观点£¬看法等£© £»agree on£º就¡­¡­达成协议£»agree about£º对¡­¡­ 有相同的 看法¡£题干意思是£º你看?#20808;?#24456;好¡£我认为三亚的空气和海鲜很适?#22799;ã¡?br />
          15. If we ___ the other road ,we might have arrived here in time for the meeting. A. take B. had taken C. took D. have taken

          ¡¾解析¡¿B¡£考查虚拟语气¡£所填词做虚拟语气中条件状语从句的谓语£¬根据主句的谓语动 词形式 might have arrived 可知题干是与过去事实相反£¬ 故所填部分用 had+过去分词形式¡£

          16. _____ from the top of the tower, the south foot of the mountain is a sea of trees .


          A. Seen

          B. Seeing C. Have seen

          D. To see

          ¡¾解析¡¿A¡£考查非谓语动词¡£此处是非谓语动词做状语£¬逻辑主语是句子的主语£¬非谓语 动词与逻辑主语是被动关系£¬且其动作在谓语动词动作之前已经完成£¬用过去分词¡£

          17. John opened the door. There _____ he had never seen before. A. a girl did stand B. a girl stood C. did a girl stand D. stood a girl

          ¡¾解析¡¿D¡£考查特殊句式¡£Here, There, Thus, Then 等副词位于句首£¬且当句子的主语 是名词时£¬句子用全部倒装£¬选 D¡£

          18. It never occurred to me _____ you could succeed in persuading him to change his mind. A. which B. what C. that D. if

          ¡¾解析¡¿C¡£考查固定句型¡£It occurs/occurred to sb that ...是固定句型£¬意思是£º 突然想起¡­¡­£¬其中 that 引导主语从句¡£ 19. His first book A. published next month is based on a true story. B. to be published C. to publish D. being published

          ¡¾解析¡¿B¡£考查非谓语动词¡£此处是非谓语动词做后置定语£¬由时间状语 next month 可 知所填非谓语动词表示将来的动作£¬用动词不定式£¬其逻辑主语是所修饰的名词 book,不定 式与逻辑主语是被动关系£¬故用不定式的被动式¡£ 20. John thinks it won¡¯t be long A. when B. after he is ready for his new job. C. before D. since

          ¡¾解析¡¿C¡£考查状语从句¡£所填词引导状语从句£¬构成 It£¨will£©be+时间段+状语从句£¬ 意思是£º过多久才¡­¡­¡£ 21. I have to see the doctor because I A. have been coughing C. coughed a lot lately. B. had coughed D. cough

          ¡¾解析¡¿A¡£考查动词时态¡£由时间状语 lately 可知此处表示现阶段一直在进行的动作或 存在的状态£¬且强调其?#20013;?#24615;£¬用现在完成进行时¡£ 22. Studies show that people are more before computer screens for long hours. A. likely B. possible

          to suffer from back problems if they always sit

          C. probable

          D. sure


          ¡¾解析¡¿A¡£考查形容词词义辨析¡£所填词做表语£¬主语是人£¬由 more 来修饰£¬意思是£º 可能£¬选 A¡£四个选项中 possible 和 probable 也都?#23567;?#21487;能的¡±之意£¬但他们做表语时主 语只能是物£¬sure 在此处意思不恰当¡£ 23. ¡ª May I take this book out of the reading room? ¡ª No, you A. mightn¡¯t . You read it in here. B. won¡¯t C. need¡¯t D. mustn¡¯t

          ¡¾解析¡¿D¡£考查情态动词¡£英语中用 could£¬might 表示询问或征求意见的问句?#26657;?#32943;定 性应答要用 can 或 may 来代替 could 或 might£¬ may 或 might 征求意见的问句否定应答时 而 要用 mustn¡¯t¡£ 24. It is reported that many a new house A. are being built B. were being built at present in the disater area. C. was being built D. is being built

          ¡¾解析¡¿D¡£考查动词时态¡¢语态及主谓一致¡£由时间状语 at present 可知此处动词表示的 动作正在进?#26657;?#20027;语与所填词是被动关系£»many a+名词单数做主语时£¬谓语动词用单数形式¡£ 25. ¡ª What a fine day! Shall we go picnicking? ¡ª . But we need to be home before six o¡¯clock for the football match. B. Pardon me C. That¡¯s great D. You are right

          A. Have a nice time.

          ¡¾解析¡¿C¡£考查交际用语¡£Have a nice time£º祝你玩的高兴£»pardon me£º原谅我£»that¡¯s great£º那太好了£»you are right£º你说的对¡£由问句中的 shall we...£¿可知表示征求意见£¬ 由此情景可知此处选 C¡£

          21. ¡ªDo you think you could do without help? ¡ª______. This is not the first time for me. A. Take care C. Not exactly B. Hurry up D. Don¡¯t worry

          ¡¾解析¡¿ 考查交际用语¡£ D¡£ 由答语后半部分 This is not the first time for me.可知不是第一次了£¬ 所以应选 don¡¯t worry¡£ 22. If we sit near _______ front of the bus, we¡¯ll have _______ better view. A. 不填£»the B. 不填£»a C. the; a D. the£»the

          ¡¾解析¡¿C¡£考查冠词¡£第一空 the front of the bus 指公共汽?#30340;?#37096;的前方£»第二空 a better view


          指更好的风景£¬view 为可数名词¡£ 23. I have a lot of readings _____ before the end of this term. A. completing C. completed B. to complete D. being completed

          ¡¾解析¡¿B¡£考查非谓语动词¡£动词不定式一方面做 readings 的后置定语£¬另一方面根据句意 可知动作还没有发生¡£句意£º在本学期结束前?#19968;?#26377;很多书籍要完成阅读¡£ 24. That¡¯s the new machine ______ parts are too small to be seen. A. that B. which C. whose D. what

          ¡¾解析¡¿C¡£考查定语从句¡£定语从句先行词为 machine£¬从句主语为 parts£¬因此缺少修饰主 语的关系代词£¬所以选 whose¡£ 25. I_______ have watched that movie ¡ªit¡¯ll give me horrible dreams. A. shouldn¡¯t B. needn¡¯t C. couldn¡¯t D. mustn¡¯t

          ¡¾解析¡¿A¡£考查情态动词¡£由句子后半部分可知要带来恶梦£¬所以前部分语境应该是后悔看 了这部电影£¬shouldn¡¯t have done 指不应该做£¨某事£©但?#23548;?#19978;做了£¨某事£© ¡£其他无此用法¡£ 26. Before the sales start, I make a list of ______ my kids will need for the coming season. A. why B. what C. how D. which

          ¡¾解析¡¿B¡£考查名词性从句¡£根据句子结构分析可知设空作 of 的宾语£¬同时要做后面 need 的宾语£¬所以应选 what 引导宾语从句¡£ 27. Sam _____ some knowledge of the computer just by watching others working on it. A. brought up B. looked up C. picked up D. set up

          ¡¾解析¡¿C¡£考查动词短语辨析¡£根据句意£ºSam 仅仅通过观察其他人在电脑上工作就学会了 电脑的一些知识£¬可知应选 pick up¡°学会¡± ¡£bring up ¡°养育¡± £»look up ¡°查找¡± £»set up ¡°建 立¡± ¡£ 28. The school rules state that no child shall be allowed out of the school during the day, ______ accompanied by an adult. A. once B. when C. if D. unless

          ¡¾解析¡¿D¡£考查连词¡£由句意£º学校的制?#20154;?#26126;了没有孩子在白天被允许出校£¬除非有成人 陪伴¡£可知应选 unless¡£ 29. The living room is clean and tidy, with a dining table already ______ for a meal to be cooked.


          A. laid

          B. laying

          C. to lay

          D. being laid

          ¡¾解析¡¿A¡£考查非谓语动词¡£分析句子结构可知£¬设空作 a dining table 的后置定语£¬lay 与 a dining table 之间是逻辑?#31995;?#21160;宾关系£¬因此用过去分词短语作后置定语¡£ 30. Up to now, the program ________ thousands of children who would otherwise have died. A. would save C. had saved B. saves D. has saved

          ¡¾解析¡¿D¡£考查时态¡£由 up to now 可知用现在完成时£¬由 the program 可知谓语用单数¡£故 选 D 项¡£ 31. Your house is always so neat¡ªhow do you ______ it with three children? A. manage B. serve C. adapt D. construct

          ¡¾解析¡¿A¡£考查动词辨析¡£由句意£º你的家总是这么整洁£¬你和三个孩子是如何做到的£¿可 知是成功地做了某事£¬应选 manage¡£manage to do sth 意为¡°成功地做了某事¡± ¡£ 32. Helping others is a habit, _______ you can learn even at an early age. A. it B. that C. what D. one

          ¡¾解析¡¿D¡£考查同位语从句及代词用法¡£由句子结构分析可知是一个定语从句£¬排除 what£» 如果选 that£¬不符合非限定性定语从句的规则£¬所以应排除£»it 在句首只能做主语£¬但后面句 子主语是 you£¬所以应排除¡£one 和 a habit 是同位语结构£¬同时做后面定语从句的先行词£¬定 语从句的宾语省略¡£ 33. Those who suffer from headache will find they get ______ from this medicine. A. relief B. safety C. defense D. shelter

          ¡¾解析¡¿A¡£考查名词辨析¡£由句意£º那些患头痛的人将会发现他们吃了这种药头痛可以得到 缓解¡£可知应选 relief ¡°缓解¡± ¡£safety ¡°安全¡± £»defense ¡°防御¡± shelter ¡°保护¡± £» £¬均不符 合句意¡£ 34. ¡ª Her father is very rich. ¡ª________ She wouldn¡¯t accept his help even if it were offered. A. What for? B. So what? C. No doubt. D. No wonder.

          ¡¾解析¡¿B¡£考查交际用语¡£由答语后半部分句意可知?#35789;?#20182;父亲给她提供£¨帮助£© £¬她也不 会接受的£¬可知应选 so what£¬意为¡°那又怎么样£¿¡± ¡£ 35. Mothers holding jobs outside the home should have _______ schedules to make it easier to care


          for their children. A. heavy B. smooth C. flexible D. complex

          ¡¾解析¡¿C¡£考查形容词辨析¡£由句意£º在家庭外有工作的妈妈们应该有灵活的时间表£¬这样 使她们照看孩子更方便些¡£可知应选 flexible ¡°灵活的¡± ¡£heavy ¡°?#29616;?#30340;¡± £»smooth ¡°流畅 的¡± £»comples ¡°复杂的¡± £¬均不符合句意¡£




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