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          An opened-composition

          描图 Describe a picture

          Interpret its implied meaning 释图 Point out its implications in life

          Give your own comment/suggestion/solution

          请根据下面提示,写一篇短文。 词数不少于50。 You and your Australian friend Jim are visiting a city in China where you see the street sculptures as shown below. You and Jim are discussing what the artist is trying to say. Now you are telling Jim how you understand this piece of art and what makes you think so. 提示词: 雕塑 sculpture 笔记本电脑 laptop

          I think the artist wants to show changes in the city. The man stands for the old generation in China: he is wearing old-fashioned clothes that date back to the beginning of the twentieth century; he is looking at the laptop in great curiosity, unable to figure out what it is. The girl, on the other hand, is totally different: she has long hair and wear a fashionable short skirt. While the man doesn’t know anything about the laptop, she plays with it skillfully. The striking differences between the two show rapid changes in people’s life in China.

          I think the laptop that the woman is using stand for the high technology while the man taking a book is representative For our country’s long history. I believe the sculpture wants to tell us that our country should combine its long history with its modern science. A country that is developing fast must remember its history, and then learn from the history. Only in this way will we never repeat the few mistakes we’ve made and make more progress.第一档 15---13

          The sculpture is a woman and an old man. The woman sitting on a chair are using laptop to do something. The old man is standing there with a book in his hand. In my opinion, it shows the difference between modern life and old life. Now we can use computer to learn a lot of things which are not in our textbooks . I think the artist is trying to tell us China is developing quickly and China will be more beautiful in the future.第二档 12---10

          请根据下面提示,写 一篇短文。词数不少于50. In your English class, you are asked to describe the following picture and explain to your classmates how you understand it.
          家庭教育主题分为 如?#20301;?#25253;?#39029;?如何对孩子正确教育、培养

          In this picture,a mother bird stays in her nest in a big tree, watching her babies flying away. I think the mother bird must be very proud of her children,who are able to find their own food now. But she may also feel a sense of loss since they no longer need her day-to-day care as they used to. This picture shows very well the mixed feelings of parents when watching their children grow up. For my parents,things will be much easier. We will set up a family blog to post our photos,journals,and even audios. Once I leave for college,we can conveniently share our experiences and support each other no matter where we are. Their “nest” will never be empty!

          请根据下面提示,写一篇短文。词数不少于50。 In an English speech competition, you are asked to describe the following picture and explain to the judges how you understand it.

          优点缺点主题分为 集他人之所长 改自身之缺点

          From the picture I can see a pair of proud compasses and a hard-working pencil. The compasses are big, drawing a circle with ease, while the pencil is small, drawing a line with great effort. I think the compasses are reasonable to be proud because no one else can do the job better. At the same time, however, he should realize the pencil has his own advantages. The pencil can do other shapes better than the compasses, even pictures. So in my opinion, while we are confident in ourselves, we should recognize strengths in others and show due respect for them.

          请根据下面提示,写 一篇短文,词数不少于50 In your spoken English class, your teacher shows you the following picture. You are asked to describe the picture and explain how you understand it.
          主题为成功与失败,取决于方法。 方法对——事半功倍。方法不对——事倍功半。

          As the picture indicates, there is a western boy trying to eat noodles. However, he is using two forks as a pair of chopsticks. It is obvious that he can hardly get any noodles since sweats is falling from his head. This cartoon, in some aspects, conveys a quite common phenomenon in life. Nowadays, dozens of people tend to follow others when dealing with their work. They don’t have their own ideas and simply follow what their peers or workmates do, and forget that actually he has the ability to solve problem in his own way. Just like the boy captured in the picture, he use forks as chopsticks only because Chinese people use chopsticks. He ignores that in fact he can use one fork to have delicious noodles. If we can create our own ways to solve problems, things will surely go much easier.

          In my perspective, we should think about and handle our life by ourselves, instead of following others without considering. Only in this way can we do a better job and manage to “eat” what we want in life.

          2010年 请根据下面提示,写一 篇短文,词数不少于50 In your spoken English class, your teacher shows you the following picture. You are asked to describe the picture and explain how you understand it.
          主题为如何用正确的 态度获取成功

          In your spoken English class, your teacher shows you the following picture. You are asked to describe the picture and explain how you understand it. 坚持persistence、努力effort、 决心determination 主题为如何成功 面对困难, 必须坚持,要有信心, 只有这样才能取?#31859;?#21518;的成功。 分析问题要全面, 处理问题要灵活

          In the picture,there stands a tree (full of fruit on one side of the stream). Across the stream,a man is trying to reach out on the edge of the bank for the fruit with a net attached to a pole. Not far away there is a bridge that can lead him to the tree for more fruit. The message conveyed in the picture is clear. In pursuing a dream,we might focus on only one way of making it come true,forgetting that there may be alternatives. As indicated in the picture,if the man is willing to look for other possibilities, he can find a better and more rewarding way to achieve his goal. All he has to do is to turn around, cross the bridge and walk to the tree.

          What can you see in the picture?

          a tap
          the fast running tap water

          splashing out
          a basin

          What’s the implied meaning and its implications in our life? a proper way /method

          don’t waste water

          …to be fast is not to be better…
          haste makes waste(欲速则不达)

          Example 2
          2. 单个物象的立意与议论
          图中出现一个物象时,描图和议论时注意抓住漫画所 表达的引申含义。 例1:北京西城区2008年高三英语抽样检查试题 请根据下面提示,写一篇短文。词数不少于50。 In your English class,you are asked to describe this picture of a wooden barrel and explain to your classmates how you understand it. 审图: 1. 一个由不同长度?#26223;?#26500;成的木桶,水?#24188;?#30701;板处流出。 2. 立意:人要全面发展,个别缺点会影响人的成功。 团?#21491;?#20849;同发展,个别人落后会影响整体 的进步。

          1. What you see at the first glance may limit your thinking. 2. We must look deeper so as not to be cheated by the surface. 3. There are more than one way to look at something. 4. We should have positive attitude towards something.

          Example 3

          图中出现多个物象时,描图和议 论时注意抓住漫画所表达的主要矛盾, 要有的放矢、中心突出。

          Example 3
          图片信息: 1. 两个孩子望向远方的太阳---对未来?#20320;?#25004; 2. 孩子面前的弯弯的小路、高山、树木---通向成功 路上的困难?#22270;?#36763; 3. 光芒四射、蓬勃而出的朝阳---美好的未来 (成功的顶峰)
          Possible ideas: 1. sunset---forget the past---value the normal daily life; 2. two girls---one brave (success); one afraid (failure) 3. sunset---sad---let it pass---wait for sunrise 4. two girls help each other---friendship help us succeed 5. watch sunrise---get hope/courage

          二、描图 用第三人称和一般现在时/现在进行时 描述图片内容,描图时做到内容充实、具体、 形象、生动。描图时不加入个人观点。 描图是为下文对漫画的理解奠定基础, 要根据所要阐明的理解内容有的放矢、中心 突出,而并非仅仅将漫画中的所有看到的内 容都逐一罗列出来。 描图篇幅一般不超过1/3。

          Example 4 steps in describing
          It isn’t a matter of whether we succeed or fail at the moment that may be considered as the most important thing influencing our moods.
          Step1. List your possible understanding in real life

          two cups refer to______________ the same smile refer to____________
          different contents refer to__________
          The picture indicates that people should always be optimistic, no matter what they have.

          Step 2:Overall hidden meaning

          Step 3. List words used
          What’s in the picture ? Nouns two cups, two faces, tea /coffee/water What does each element do ? Verbs smile, contain,satisfy How does each element do ? Adverbs Happily, peacefully, harmoniously

          Steps in describing a cartoon

          Step 4: Construct your sentences clearly . You may begin with:
          As can be seen in the picture, As is shown in the picture, As the picture indicates, It is shown in the picture that… It can be seen from the picture that… According to the picture,

          1)描图: In the picture, we can see… As the picture shows/tells/presents,… 2)过渡句: What the picture gets across/conveys to us is the message that… Just as the picture shows,… It is the same with…; As is often the case,… The picture conveys the message that…

          3)表达个人观点: As for me, As far as I am concerned, I… To me,… Actually, I… Personally, I … To my mind/understanding… In my opinion/view,…

          Example of how to write
          In an English class, you are asked to describe the following picture and explain how you understand it.

          How to write an open-ended composition ?
          detailed description 描图

          As we can see in the picture,… I think the picture is very Some problems… it meaningful, because __________ Why (because…) makes me think of what happens ________________________ in results… our daily life… In my opinion, the picture tries to tell us to…/that…/ sth.

          reality in our daily life
          联系现实 (释图)

          Idea 立意

          Some useful expressions
          Para.1 Describe a picture :
          1. As we can see in the picture, …


          In this picture, I can see…
          Some problems… Why (because…) Results…

          Para.2 Make an analysis 1. In our daily life, … 2. A is like B. / A stands for B. Para.3 Make a clear idea:

          1. The picture wants to tell us that…
          2. What the picture wants to convey is that …

          3. The picture conveys a message that…

          What can we see in the picture?

          ? ? ? ?

          A giraffe wants to / attempts to… Tall trees and short trees… Sweat a lot… Try hard to reach the leaves in the tall trees
          What is your idea?

          In the picture, we can see it is raining hard. But to our surprise, a gentleman is watering flowers, holding an umbrella in his hand. From the picture I can see a pair of proud compasses and a hard-working pencil. The compasses are big, drawing a circle with ease, while the pencil is small, drawing a line with great effort. In the picture, a boy is trying hard to push forward the hour hand of the clock while an old man is making a great effort to push backward the minute hand of the same clock. Both of them are trying their best, but in the opposite directions. As can be seen in the picture, a tree is broken by the strong wind, while the grass still stays as it is. Weak and small as the grass is, it can stand the strong wind.



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